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    Together we can overcome difficulties. To fight against the epidemic, SanheXing will walk hand in hand with you.

    Prevention and control of epidemic situation and rapid resumption of production. Since the outbreak of the Xinguan epidemic, Shenzhen SanheXing stickers products co.,LTD. responded immediately, speeding up the procurement of epidemic prevention materials, raising awareness of epidemic prevention, doing a good job in the fire cleaning of the production workshop, and introducing large quantities of automated and high-speed mask main machines in large quantities To make preparations for resumption of production. Disinfect and sterilize the 15,000-square-meter production plant in an all-round manner, and require all employees to be alert, do self-protection, wash hands frequently, wear masks, and organize the resumption of production in an orderly manner to ensure stable production and healthy production during the epidemic.

    Effectively organize and deploy production. The company carefully organizes and carries out production work in accordance with the relevant requirements and specifications of the government and agencies. Based on the source of large quantities of raw materials, we rely on a professional management team, perfect customer service and after-sales systems to meet normal production needs, with all aspects of standardization, automation, and clean Strict standards achieve high production efficiency, and effectively ensure production safety, production efficiency, and production quality.

    Efficiency is superior, quality first. The company has developed a total of 15 mainframe production lines, a total of 200 seaming machines and 300 earband machines have been put into production, and the number of formal employees has increased from 200 to 1700. During the epidemic situation, multiple production workshops worked overtime to carry out production work, and set up a mask quality supervision team to personally supervise the product quality, resolutely avoid the occurrence of defective products and inferior products, and ensure production quality and overall efficiency. The current daily production of masks has exceeded 2 million.

    Committed to the city, with outstanding results. The company actively cooperates with government agencies to fight against the new crown epidemic. All employees work together to overcome the difficulties. The actual production actions help to suppress the new crown epidemic. The KN95 masks produced by the company have obtained the national GB2626-2006 certification. After the production is completed, they are shipped to all parts of the country to support The epidemic line witnessed the new crown epidemic situation gradually being controlled in China.

    Export to overseas, support the front line. The new crown epidemic is growing rapidly around the world. At the same time, because the KN95 masks produced by the company have multiple international certifications such as FDA, CE, customs import and export, and comply with international standards, the company actively communicates with relevant institutions in overseas countries to Provide joint assistance to fight against the new crown epidemic, and demonstrate the production strength and humanistic care of "Made in China".

    In the future, Shenzhen SanheXing stickers products co.,LTD. will continue to practice the original intention of the enterprise, fulfill the social mission, promote the brand with quality, and protect the health with word of mouth. Ambitious goal.

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